Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rights Of Man

Here's a great little tune that I learned for the Mandolin Cafe Song A Week group - if you're into celtic music this tune will be old news to you but it's new to me. What I play is similar to the tab on mandozine, with a few differences and an improvised middle section. Here are the chords, which are just what I made up:

A part
|: Em / Em / Am / Bm /
Em / Em / Am Bm Em / :|

B part
|: Em / Em / Am / Bm /
Em D G Bm Em Bm Em :|

If you are new to celtic music, I should point out that my version is not much like what you will hear at a traditional session.


  1. Well done, David. Interesting stuff for a Celtic tune. The ITM police would probably kill you:) I started playing it on the mandolin but ended up starting to learn it on the anglo concertina instead! Way cool! But I certainly will do it on the mando as well...

  2. Well here I go again with another transcription. Interesting use of the blues notes inside the melody. How do you come up with your solos?

    T: The Rights Of Man OS
    M: 4/4
    L: 1/8
    R: hornpipe
    K: Emin
    |: GA |"Em"BcAB GAFG | EFGA B2 ef |"Am" gfed edcB |"Bm" cBAG A2 GA |
    "Em"BcAB GAFG | EFGA B2 ef |"Am" gBeg "Bm"{fg}f2 ed |"Em" eBGA E2 :|
    |: ga |"Em"bagf efga | bagf e2 g2 |"Am" fgef defg | "Bm"afdf a2 gf |
    "Em"eBeg "D"fdfa | "G"gega "Bm"b2 ef|"Em" gBeg "Bm"{fg}f2 ed |"Em" eB GA "Fine"E2 :|
    z2|"Em"GA_B2(B=B)_BA|GA (3(_B=B)d egzg|"Am"gfed edcB |"Bm" cBAG A2GA|
    "Em"(_B=B)_BA GA (3(_B=B)d |egfA dBAB|"Am"cBAG "Bm"AGFA|"Em"A2GG GG G2|
    |"Em"GA(_B=B) _BAGA|(3(_B=B)d eg fegf|"Am"c2ed cBAB |"Bm" cBAG AGA_B|
    "Em"(B_B)(=B_B) AGA_B|=Bdeg e2g2|"Am"gfed "Bm"edBA|"Em" E2 EE E2 EE|
    "Em"EFGA B2d2|(de)ee eeeg|"Am"agab ageg|"Bm"agab age2|
    "Em"be_be "D"aeg2|"G"eded "Bm"B2_B=B|"Em"_BAGE "Bm"DEE2|"Em"E2EE EEEG|
    "Em"A_B=B_B AGA_B| {_B}=Bdd2 (de) ee|"Am"eeee eege|"Bm"(ga)aa aa aa|
    "Em"be_be "D"ae (3gag |"G"eded "Bm"BA_B=B|"Em"_BAGE "Bm"D2 D2 |"Em"DEEE "Da capo" "Al fine"E2|

  3. Cool, thanks very much Steve, you made a great job of that. In this case I was just trying to build something around the melody using the E minor scale and especially those bluesy Bb notes on the first fret of the A string and the 6th fret of the E string. In between I'm just following the harmonic movement through the chord changes. My approach was to play it through it a few times until I found some licks that started to work and then record it at that point while the ideas are still fresh, but without deciding ahead of time exactly which options I would use.

    Thanks again for the great transcription. The only thing I would change is in the 8th bar under the Bm chord, it should be a 2-3-2 triplet on the E string, rather than the 2-3 grace note: I don't play it well enough for it to be clear.