Thursday, November 5, 2009

Frost Bite - secret CD alert

The other day I was looking for the lyrics to the wonderful song Molly, which you can see here performed brilliantly by the Deer Creek Boys (its a .wmv file which you have to download I'm afraid, but it is worth it). I happened to recall that Wyatt Rice recorded this, I believe the song was written by Tim Massey.

Anyway, while I was on Wyatt's site, I noticed this new CD featuring Adam Steffey on mandolin that I had never heard of. I bought it on iTunes and it's just great, it's well worth the price of entry just to hear Steffey playing Wheel Hoss. The CD is called Frost Bite by Dan Menzone, who is a great banjo picker. It also features Rickie Simpkins, Rob Ickes, Wyatt Rice and others.

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