Friday, January 29, 2010

Hector the Hero

Here's another one of those celtic waltzes, this time written in 1903 by James Scott Skinner to celebrate the life of Hector MacDonald. If you read his story you'll see the hero's life is a rather sad one that ends in suicide. I borrowed some of the ideas for this arrangement from a version I found on iTunes by a band called "Jameson's Revenge", but I added the ending myself after reading the Wikipedia article on Hector.


  1. Hey this song is awesome could you post a tab for it or email one to me my blogspot is

  2. I enjoyed this song very much as well. So much that I even recorded a version myself. Thanks for posting these tunes and keep up the great playing!

    Mike - Newnan, GA

  3. Thanks guys, I'm sorry I never got around to tabbing this out, I just learned it from listening to a recording.