Sunday, August 29, 2010

Crossing The Cumberlands

One of the bands I play with, the Bluegrass Bonanza Band, started doing this tune and it seems to be very popular with audiences, so I thought I'd do a YouTube to show how I play it. I start off with the banjo and then do a couple of mandolin breaks. There are a lot of mando possibilities with this one. It's a Bill Monroe tune. The Nashville Bluegrass Band have covered it and sound wonderful on it.


  1. Hiya David!

    Just started checking out your blog, after clicking on it's link in your Mandolin Cafe signature.

    Just wanted to say keep it up! I am a bit behind you for ability, but in that same general "not a beginner, not a smokinhot pro, but in motion between the 2" place.

    This is going to be a big winter for me to really dig in and make some music happen, and discoveries like your blog (and your process) are a great help - thanks!

  2. I love this tune. I first heard it on a set of Bill Monroe cds. I think he really respected the banjo a lot! Want to learn this on my octave. Played regular mandolin for many years but really have a thing for the octave and play it mostly the last four year. Lovely video and so well done!

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  4. Have you posted your tab for this tune? I have been sounding this out but I must admit I am transcribing your fingers in the video into my mind. Nice solo and like the tremelo too.