Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lonesome River Band - Heartless Love

Should it just happen that you are the one bluegrass mandolin fan who doesn't yet own a copy of "Carrying the Tradition" by the Lonesome River Band, face up to the inevitable now and make the purchase. You will not be disappointed.

Here is a transcription - in a TablEdit file this time - of Dan Tyminski's solo on Heartless Love. For my money, you can't do a better bluesy mandolin solo than this, so I don't know why Dan bothered to learn to play all those other instruments and sing so well too.

Heartless Love TablEdit File.

If you're anything like me, this will take at least a week or so to get under your fingers, so don't get discouraged.

Finally, here is a YouTube of it:

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  1. I just got a hold of the album and listened to Heartless Love...it's a great solo. There is a lot of Monroe in there, but at the same time it is very fresh and original. Seems like he is playing a lot within the chord position - basic stuff that sounds oh so good. I really like the play with the rhythm at 1:05. Thanks for posting the tab...I am going to check it out.